OrthoList 2 (OL2) is a compendium of C. elegans-human orthologs compiled by a meta-analysis in 2018. Please refer to this paper for a discussion of the methods used to generate the list and discussion of findings from this new comparative genomic analysis.

  1. By default user can input one, or more, gene identifiers (line or comma separated). For C. elegans, you can use WormBase IDs (e.g., WBGene00003001), common names (e.g., lin-12) or locus IDs (e.g., R107.8). For human genes you can use Ensemble IDs (ENSG) or HGNC approved symbols (e.g., NOTCH1).
  2. Other criteria, such as protein domains (SMART, InterPro) and OMIM human-disease phenotypes, can be used as input. To search these fields, users must select them in the "Fields Searched" section. For more information, and search tips when using these criteria, click here.
  3. The number of orthology-prediction programs that call a result may be used as a filter; however, this may result in false negatives. Genes called by "0" programs are from the legacy gene set (see our paper).
  4. Select "yes" for partial matches to return genes/identifiers with characters in common (e.g., "Notch" returns four genes, NOTCH1–4).
  5. To download the entire OL2 and legacy gene dataset, click here.